Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Dress The Way You Want.

“ W h a t   t o   w e a r   t o d a y ? ”
Have this question ever pop out in your mind? Well, I do! I always look into my closet and try to come out with my own style. But there were tooooooooooo many choices. In order to save my time, the best and easiest way to dress up will be, wearing a simple and nice d-r-e-s-s! Wonder what dresses are fashionable nowadays? Let's have a look~

Dress of the day
:: Duo Tone Cute Collar Dress ::
RM 39.00
This duo tone dress is adorable and the colors are matching. It falls accordingly to your body curve since it is made up of cotton and silk material. Wear it with high heels for a fashionable yet chic look.

Dress of the day
:: Trendy Flora Lace Dress::
RM 27.00

From Ixora (MisC) 
This flora lace dress can shows your body shape and looks slimmer. It is suits for any occasion like birthday party or wedding dinner as well. The vintage bag with sling goes great together with this dress. It is available in black and pink color, so pick one for your closet now.

Dress of the day
:: Stripe-Waistband Black Dress ::
RM 39.00

From Chloe's Closet
This stripe-waistband black dress comes with simple and fashion design. You can wear this dress in different kinds of occasions whether for office or casual dates. For feminine look, you may carry with a polka dot bag as well.

It’s time for you to grab some new dresses for your closet. Quickly get one before it is out of stock! ;)
Love your style, it's who you are. 

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