Thursday, 31 May 2012

Chiffon, The Korean Fashion Wave.

In this post, I will be highlighting the trend of sheer Chiffon. Sometimes, besides being sexy, a girl needs to learn how to dress up in a comfortable and stylish way with casual wear. You might be in a fashion rut, but let me introduce some latest clothing into your wardrobe that will best reflect your mood swings. Let's keep reading to learn how you can vamp up your Chiffon clothes and be like


Chiffon of the day
 :: Chiffon Dress ::

I'm so in l o v e with Chiffon right now! Even though the Chiffon is being a great way to rock the sheer trend and has been around for a while, there’s no sign of it letting up. This will keep you looking fashionable with a simple and nice ladies blouse. Korean style, halter, elegant, this summer staple is an easy-to-throw-on outfit that makes an awesome statement.

Chiffon of the day
:: Trendy Collar Top ::
RM 26.00

Chiffon keeps you stay comfy-woofy for whole day! It is easy to match with legging and accessories styling routine. Finally, top the whole thing off with classic wayfarers and a topknot hairstyle.

Chiffon of the day
:: Lace Chiffon Blouse ::

Here are the outfits that incorporate this pretty chiffon blouse. Just remember to layer a simple tank underneath if you aren’t comfortable with wearing a sheer top on its own. To finish off the outfit, pick an awesome belt as well in order to make a different style on it. Lucky for us, it is easy to style in a million ways.

Now, as always, it’s time to hear what you have to say! What do you think of the outfits above? Where would you wear them? Do you have any other suggestions for your favorite clothes? Leave your thoughts in a comment! Remember to grab some of your favourite style of Chiffon and make your wardrobe rock this summer!

Are you ready to join in the Chiffon fever now? :DDDD

Love your style, it's who you are.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Accessories Are A Must.

Are you guys "Accessories Lovers"? Well, I'm one of it! Mad loveeeee with all kinds of accessories, especially
B r a c e l e t s ! 

Bracelet of the day
:: Juicy Couture Charm Glam Layer Leather Chain Bracelet ::

Take a look at those bracelet clearly. It brings out a lil' bit of elegant and classy style, available in white and black. Most importantly, it goes well with any type of apparels!
Bracelet of the day
 :: Vintage Parisian ::

Nowadays, vintage is very popular among the fashion industry. It's no longer an old fashion trend, even teenagers like me fall in love with it!

Bracelet of the day
:: Customized Pieces ::

Besides merchandising accessories, Deliriousaccessories do provide customize service too! You can create the-one-and-only accessory for yourself, it is so unique and special. Aren't them awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee?! :D Readers who are interested can email to to customize your very own special bracelet!

Bracelet of the day
:: Mild :: 

From Crafted By Mei

Spot the blur color pearls! It's so sweet! It's has the combination of feeling young and elegant. Wear it and it might be brings luck to you! ;)

Necklace of the day
:: Heart & Wings Necklace ::

This necklace is made with a red crystal heart which symbolize as love and desire. It would look amazing if you worn out for a party.

Ring of the day
:: Vintage Owl Ring ::

Very cute owl ring! Imagine wearing it and it looks like a real owl sitting on your finger, like a real pet! The color of the owl is easy to match with any style. Looking in its eyes, "Master, would you wanna bring me home?" ^^

I bet you wouldn't wanna miss out any of the latest accessories! I've grabbed mine, how 'bout ya? ;)

Love your style, it's who you are.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Update Your Wardrobe!

Are you one of the people who wear the same outfits almost everyday? If you are, it's time for you to do yourself a favor and edit your closet. Here's some suggestions if you are feeling muddled while trying to figure out what to add to your closet.


Top of the day
 :: Tulip Back Top ::

Top of the day
:: Tulip Back Tank ::

Top of the day
:: Sheer Tulip Top ::

Top of the day
:: Stripped Tulip Back Tank ::

Since summer is coming, why not try wearing these lightweight tops featuring tulip back construction. Be bold and dare to mash them with various types of accessories and bottoms. Click into Style By Juliet now to check out their other colors! :D


Snowflakes Deer Cotton Red Skirt
Snowflakes Deer Cotton Red Skirt
Snowflakes Deer Cotton Red Skirt
Bottom of the day
:: Snowflakes Deer Cotton Red Skirt ::

Fashion Stylist Rachel Zoe once said:" Shorter skirts elongate legs." That's why miniskirts are the must-have fashion item. 

Bottom of the day
:: Lace Long Skirt ::

A maxi skirt is an essential piece of clothing for every girl. Its long and shapely silhouette makes maxi skirt the perfect challenge for you to try.  

Bottom of the day
:: Stlyenanda High-Waisted Short ::

Bottom of the day
:: Scarf Print Shorts ::

Casual, easy to wear and stylish, shorts are a staple in almost every girl's wardrobe and they're great choices for summer. 

Go for the unexpected and always think out of the box to funk up your wardrobe! Have fun mixing with the impossible! :)

Love your style, it's who you are.

Monday, 21 May 2012

It's Time To Bath In The Sun.

Summer is coming soon! Have you guys figure out how to dress yourself up? Let me introduce some of the latest summer trends.

Dress of the day
:: Yellow Dress ::

This yellow dress gives out a young, lovely feel, brings out the sunflower in you! It is suitable to be wear out for shopping and also dinner. The material is soft and flows well with your figure. Goes great with bangles and bracelets. :D

Dress of the day
:: Tiered Top Dress With Braided Straps ::

I love this blue dress! It reminds me one of those vintage movies. It gives me a feeling of dancing under the clear blue skies.. the straps are convenient and replaceable. Sandles and slippers goes well with this simple but still, chic look.

Dress of the day
:: Awfully Chiffon Flying Skirt ::

From Awfully Candy Land

Up up and away! The latest Chiffon Flying Skirt gives you another unique option to go out in style. Well matched with deep colour high cut boots to add up the trendiness. you can wear this with a sleeveless top. 

So what are you waiting for? Don't miss your chance to grab one of these lovely dress home! Cheers~

Love your style, it's who you are.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

They're Finally Here.

Ahemm! Here's a little bit of introduction of who we are..

I believe that all of you know what F a s h i o n is all about. Some of you may just be way too busy working, having no time to look out there and see what's hot and what's not in the fashion world. No worries! We are here to provide you with the latest trends in apparels, accessories, footwear and many more from blog shops. Review on items are made based on what we think appeals the most to readers. If you need help or suggestions on any of the our review, do feel free to drop by or send your inquiries to

If you are fashion savvy and always hunting down on new trends, this is the right place to be ;)

Welcome to :: Oh-Fashionista! ::


Love your style, it's who you are.