Saturday, 16 June 2012

Fancy That Accessories!

Holla readers~ Oh-Fashionista! is back with more and more latest and funky fashionable items! This time we'll be showing you different kinds of accessories that are easy to mix and match with any style you want. 

Anklet of the day
 :: Zipper Anklet ::

This zipper anklet look unique isn't it? It's one of the prevalent items nowadays, features movable zip and adjustable clasps. Hence, goes well with either shorts or skirts. Wearing a "zipper" on your leg makes you look fashionable!

Ring of the day
:: Like a Sir Ring ::

This light gold mustache ring is so adorable! Wearing this in your lil' finger brings out a cute and stylish feel. The diameter is also adjustable according your finger size. This item must not be missing in being a fashionista!

Collar of the day
:: Beaded Fake Collar ::

Have you guys ever seen people wearing this fake collar before? Wonder how is it goes well with your clothes? Will it looks weird or funny? No worries girls! Have a look at these photos below to see ways of matching it!

Collar of the day
:: Fake Collar ::

Collar of the day
:: Collar ::


fake collar 
Collar of the day
:: Fake Collar ::

From Friendly Fashion

If you feel that by just wearing a plain tee is boring, you can simply add on these fake collar on you anytime to make yourself look different and special. And it changes your style of the day! Isn't it as simple as ABC? :D

Collar clip of the day
:: Floral Collar Clips ::

From Delirious

Collar clip, something new that allows you to chic up boring formal wear. It looks simple but a great way to give second life to new top. 

They even show you the way of wearing it! :)

Ain't all these accessories are niceeeeeeee? Besides, they comes with an affordable price and also good quality. 
Hey babe, whut you waiting for?
Remember to stay tune for more posts! Oh-Fashionista! wish all of you have a nice day ahead. ;D

Not to forget.. Credits to all blog shops for such fantastic items! *clapclap!*

Love your style, it's who you are.

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