Tuesday, 19 June 2012

It's Maxi Dress.

Getting bored of shorts and miniskirts this summer? Make maxi dress as your "summer uniform" because long-length look is coming back into vogue! Do not be misled by some people saying that short girls or chubby girls can't wear 'em. They are actually easy to pull off according to our own styles.

Stick To Simplicity

Dress of the day
:: Casual Rhinestone Skull Head Cotton Maxi Long Dress ::

Dress of the day
:: U Neck Maxi Dress ::

These cotton maxi dresses are great casual dresses for ladies who want to look effortless chic all the time. You'll look great even matching it with a pair of sneakers of flip flops. If you think it's too plain, bling it up with some accessories. Still not fashionable enough? Pair it with a blazer, jacket, sweater or T-shirt to rock the maxi dress like a celebrity!

Elegant And Trendy

Dress of the day
:: Elegant Casual Smock Waist Maxi Long Dress ::

Dress of the day
:: Chiffon Maxi Dress ::

Trying to look more graceful? Both of the maxi dresses above can outline your silhouette rather than your full figure in a better way. Besides that, it can be worn to work or to a date. Elegant accessories like pearl necklace, vintage handbag, wide brim hat and nude pumps will never go wrong with these maxi dresses.

Hot For The Beach

Dress of the day
:: Chain Pattern Printing Halter Bareback Maxi Long Dress ::

Dress of the day
:: Deep V Maxi Dress ::

These Deep V maxi dresses are virtually the perfect flattering pieces to wear to the beach because they will keep you cool due to its loose-cut. Don't be afraid of showing off your curvy body shape and some cleavages in these maxi dresses. Remember to bring a scarf along to cover up your arms because you might get chilly in the evening.

The Sweet Romance

Dress of the day
:: Split Stripes Maxi Dress ::

Dress of the day
:: Vintage Polka Dot Maxi with Chiffon Belt ::

Cute dresses are essential for dating! Try out some maxi dresses with ribbons, sweet colors, ruffles, and polka dots to pump up your girly look. If your dress is full with color and prints, stick with minimal accessories so that the entire look doesn't overwhelm.

Maxi Dress is a must for this summer! Accessorize it with various looks and always step out confidently. :D

Love your style, it's who you are.

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