Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bags Lovers.

Everyone wants to look unique and fashionable. But, fashion in clothing is just not enough. We need some fashion accessories such as bags to carry out our own style too. So, in this post, I would like to share with everyone about 
 - B a g s s s s s -

Bag of the day
:: Sweet Ribbon Bag ::

It’s a simple bag with a big ribbon, but do not be fooled by this low profile looking accessory. The bag is highly rank at the moment. You can just match it with a simple tee and a pair of jeans. Hence, they are available in 4 different fun colors! 

Bag of the day
:: Mini Square Bag ::

From LalalA

A fashion and young shoulder leather bag for all seasons. There is always a great style for casual use for all our daily essentials. Girls that love to bring the same bag everywhere and anywhere should have one of this in their closet. 

Bag of the day 
:: Itsy Bitsy Polka Besty ::

Fans of polka-dotsssss, SPOT these cute polka bags! It looks striking and cute. Besides, it can fits in lots of stuff. Worry of having not enough space? Simply undo the button of the bag to get extra space! Ahhh~ Just the way you like it! :D

Bag of the day
 :: Classical Vintage Handbag ::

A sling or shorter strap vintage leather handbag suits for any occasion. Once in a while, if you like the rugged look, this bag is always ready to be paired with your skinny jeans with that high cut leather boot of yours. 

Bag of the day 
:: Calla JR Document Bag ::

From The Arthara Boutique

Wanna portray that sexy secretary kinda look? The Calla JR Document Bag goes well with both fashionable and office type of ladies. Plus, it saves you the time to pick up all those documents up from the floor when you accidentally knock into someone. Yeahhh! Let's show some 'skin'~

Love your style, it's who you are.

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